My very first blog…How To Blog!!

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, my very first blog.  After creating a new blog and delving deep into the mysterious world of blogging, I am now fully prepared to summarize up what it takes to blog.  First, be casual, according to, blogging is not about eloquent speech, but more important spreading ideas and information at a “break-neck pace”.  Be clear, but comfortable.

Leave white space…blog early, blog often, and keep a schedule that you and your readers can follow.

Furthermore, using the blogosphere often can lead to higher sales in business.

With so many customers finding the products they are intending on purchasing on google, one of the benefits of blogging about your business is that internet traffic increases the likelihood of the massive search engine finding your site.

As for myself, I have a long ways to go before I call myself a master blogger, but what I have learned thus far is to keep it clear, keep it regular, and have a little fun.  Successful blogging leads to presence online, better marketing, and higher sales.

-Kevin Mehltretter

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