There is a new gold rush that is getting companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs very excited.  It requires very little start-up capital, zero travel, and its potential is limitless.  That gold rush is business social media.  In the book, ‘Social Boom!’, the author Jeffery Gitomer, writes about how to use this new form of media to attract new customers and to make sales.  He recommends building a presence online by being an active user of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Youtube.  Offering information of value to people who follow you or your business online but open up the doors of communication that cold calling cannot.

Having a presence and following on social media sites is a free tool to market yourself and your company, grab the attention of customers who have an extremely short attention span, and build connections that will lead to growth.  Gitomer believes that once you have built your initial online presence is it important to continue to tweet and post new material at least 3 times a week, and ideally every single day.  All said, to master business social media, one must spend at least an hour a day providing followers with important valuable information that will keep them connected.  Most people and businesses are not savvy to business social media, and most people only use it for the social side not the business.  With a strong presence in these 4 different mediums, companies beat out their competition and earn more sales.

To summarize, Jeffery Gitomer’s ‘Social Boom!’, is a strategy guide to developing an online presence that will help your business grow.  With social media being the best, least expensive, and most direct way to reach people , taking advantage and using it for your business will give you a competitive edge.  I look forward to understanding business social media concepts more, and using them in practice for myself.

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