Social Boom! Networking and Facebook – Oct. 14

In the next section of Social Boom! by Jeffrey Gitomer, he discussed both how to use social media to make connections you wouldn’t normally be able to acquire, and how to use Facebook in more detail.  Gitomer recalled a story of a top executive that had multiple email addresses, a secretary he couldn’t get through to, and not real easy way of making a connection with.  He decided to follow his twitter account and get a little insight into what sort of messages he was sending.  Next, Gitomer re-tweeted one of his messages and gave a bit of a kudos to that executive, while offering a little insight of his own.  This caught the eye of the CEO, he thanked Gitomer for the kind words.  Finally, Gitomer said he was a big fan and would like to meet, and it worked.  He was able to make connections with social media that normally would not have happened.

One of Jeffrey Gitomer’s biggest focuses is that creating value will attract followers on social media. Be creative, think value, and think business social media.  Companies running out of the basement, and fortune 100 companies use social media to attract new business by not selling a product, but attracting new customers to the value that you offer.

Creating business leads and growing a business with social media is a whole new field that is just recently being discovered.  I found multiple resources that support Jeffrey Gitomer and the themes he discusses.  One site by Chris Brogan,, discusses how to use social media to understand and almost prepare for an event.  He says that it is important to find out who is going, what to expect, and what kind of conversation starters to have.  Also, I looked at, to get some more tips on writing good statuses on Facebook.  This is geared more toward social media, not business social media, but it makes good points about what is important and how to catch the eye.

To see this in action I looked at a business that is a staple in Western New York, Wegmans.  Wegmans Facebook page,, is littered with people begging them to open up new stores throughout the country.  They have value with their grocery stores and it reflects on their Facebook page.  I do believe that they could use this a little bit more, possibly by adding more updates, pictures, and coupons etc. on their page.  To see how a larger corporation uses social media marketing I went to the biggest of them all, Wal-Mart.  On Wal-Mart’s Facebook page,, they use pictures of new products, seasonal promotions, and branding to attract the 23 million followers to new products.  Social media breaks down barriers, makes cold calls the thing of the past, and attracts new business.

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